Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Beautiful England

Today was an absolutely glorious day, unfortunately I missed half of it because I slept in till 11.

Somehow I managed to oversleep and miss breakfast. Breakfast is included in the price of rent and it runs from 8 – 10:30 every day. No, I did not really sleep 11 hours. I went to bed at midnight or so, but had trouble sleeping because that was like 7 pm to my body and the street we live on is fairly noisy. I’ll adjust to that soon enough.

After finally crawling out of bed and showering, I went down the street to Nando’s, which is a highly recommended chicken shop. They’re a chain, but still legit. I had a chicken sandwich and it was tasty. But, it’s no Chipotle (sigh), and I really could have used a burrito. It wasn’t that expensive, until I did the math and figured out what I paid in dollars, which caused me to want to vomit up my food and ask for a refund. London is expensive.

I figured the best way to learn a city is to walk it, so I left from there on a generally northern direction. Thankfully, the powers that be blessed me with an internal compass because the map I was using was woefully incomplete. I walked from Earl’s Court to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, up to Regent’s Park and my school (which looks quite petite), back down through the center of London, over to Knightsbridge for a quick stop at Harrod’s (where I purchased bread and overpriced sandwich meat), finally heading back home and getting lost on the way (the first time all day). All told, I’m sure I walked 5+ miles, but since I don’t have a watch, and I don’t know what the hell a kilometer is, it could have been much more.

I went to this enormous grocery store and got some fruit to cap off my overpriced Turkey sandwich. The store is big by US standards, so i'm sure it must be an anomoly. Also, I saw my first gas station today. I didn't think they had any here. Of course, I didn't look at the cost of petrol, but i'm sure it's expensive as can be. You can find some pictures below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I hear a cry for a care package? Your balcony looks great. Do you think you can live out there. I know my HGTV tricks could help that room, but I think you've got the right idea --- air freshner first. All in all, I know you'll be alright, after all you survived GDC.

6:14 PM  

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