Friday, August 06, 2004

Go out with a bang

As usual, Sensai is cracking me up.

"There are two ways for a fart to come out. Loud or silent. The loud ones pass over the poo, and thus, are less stinky. The silent ones pass through the poo, and thus smell foul. "

Yes, it's the high level analysis and insight they pay us for.

Later, Sensai decides that the image is not graphically imprinted in our frontal lobes and rips off this string:

"The silent ones are more dangerous because they have to fight through the poo. And they're extra stinky because they had to fight through a poo that's ready to be unleashed. The fart has lost it's 'pow' because there is no room between the poo and your anus."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sensai speaks: Now that the "silent factor" is "No Secret" -- Here's a sure nuf remedy when a bathroom visit is necessary: you must always have matches (grab a few from CVS). Why matches? B/C the sulfur fights gaseous odors. First, quickly strike the match b/f the odor escapes throughout the bathroom, then blow out immediately, last watch and smell the sulfur work like magic. Try this method especially if you are caught off guard on a first date, any first impressions, or for the safety of others, better yet, just for yourself. Remember sulfur is the cure and one can always think their shit don't stink. Finally, Say No to Lysol.

10:53 AM  

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