Sunday, September 05, 2004

Clubbing 3.0

Went clubbing again! I love it, but no more for a week at least! Yesterday I did a bunch of mundane tasks like laundry for most of the day, then I met up with Dave and Evan for drinks. Dave had to go out with his girlfriend and her mother, so Evan and I rolled out to a club called Tiger Tiger in Picadilly Circus (free to get in!). We met up with some of his friends, but they couldn't get in (it's very exclusive and they weren't dressed right), so we went to another club.

There, we met up with some more of their friends (all Spanish/Columbian), and we danced until like 3 in the morning. AND, contrary to popular opinion - this white boy DOES have moves. One of the girls that I danced with said I was an "excellent" dancer. It was clear that we were the best two in the group. That may surprise some (and who knows what it says about our groups collective skill), but it is what it is. I also met a girl named Adriana, who is definately into me but I'm not sure if I'm into her. She's from Spain but lived in the States for two years. We exchanged numbers (and it turns out that she lives like two blocks from me), so we'll see what happens there.

Anyway, I finally got home at like 330. Today, I got up around noon and had lunch with a bunch of people at the house. This really pretty and very cool Romanian girl asked what I was doing today and I told her that I was studying. So she asked if I wanted to study in Kensington Gardens with her. Hmmm. Took about .5 seconds for me to agree. In short, we spent the whole day together and ended up going into Kensington Palace and doing some touristy stuff as well as having dinner and coffee after. It was a great day.

I do, however, have to confess to a Seinfeld moment. I spent most of the day not remembering her name. When she paid to get into the Palace, I tried to sneak a peek at her credit card to see her name. No luck. It finally occurred to me that her name is Elana, or so I believe.

Either way, she's totally awesome and I wish she wasn't moving back to Paris in 1 week to finish her MA in Business. D'oh! Story of my life.


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