Thursday, December 15, 2005

What's Next on the Pu-Pu Platter

This morning I was planning on writing a lengthy diatribe about how Bush's neo-con strategy of remaking the world in his image one nation at a time raises the question of: what next? Is it Iran or Syria or both? Is Bush's claim that troops will be pulled out of Iraq sooner rather than later just code for "we're going after Syria next?" There was certainly a lot in his four speeches to suggest that either Syria/Iran are next or that Bush's Middle East strategy will be a failure if regime change doesn't spread across the region and, like domino's, cause democratic transitions in truly despotic regimes (haven't we heard a similar version of this theory before?)

But, as I'm totally exhausted and feeling sub-lingual, I have neither the energy nor the capacity to meet the standards of evidence that I would require for such a piece. So, instead, I'm just going to make a few, mostly unrelated observations.

- UN Ambassador John Bolton is, shockingly, shredding US diplomacy faster than Dick Cheney's staff is shredding those secret energy files. Good to see that all those "anti-Bolton" people (myself included) were correct when we warned that the man was the worst possible candidate for the job.

- Torture is still bad.

- Windows live is cool. Like Google Earth without requiring downloads.

- The Catholic Church is still a bad joke.

- The Death Penalty is still wrong, but even moreso when you think about the fallability of human nature and the likelihood of innocent people being murdered.

And, I'm spent. Maybe someday I'll get to some of the other thoughts I have. But not today.


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