Friday, October 27, 2006

Blog Changes

Well, as you can see, I finally got around to changing some things on the blog. I'm not sure if I'm totally satisfied with the new look (that whole lighthouse shining light metaphor thing is a bit too much for me), but I think it's definitely better than what I had. The blue on blue on blue was tiresome to the eyes.

I also deleted the glossary of characters. Obviously, it's not necessary anymore since I don't ever see any of those people and pretty much never write about them (aside from my wife occassionally and Real World, who apparently was admitted to Law School in the UK!).

I'm not sure if I really like the text on the lefthand side and I may make some more changes (moving the archives lower or something like that). Of course, my real problem is that I'm not particularly inclined to delve into the larger blogger world to find a template that I like or to pursue modifications that would require anything above centipide level intelligence, but this reality isn't likely to change anytime soon.

At any rate, if you got comments about the new look, feel free to inform me (either via email or the comments) and I'll at least promise to give a thought to any suggestions (this goes out to all 7 readers at the same time - Live from Bogota!).

Oh, and not too shocking but Uribe's response to my call for an independent investigation was...waiting...still waiting...oh, right - absolutely nothing because I'm little more than a speck in the Internets Universe. Maybe the Cowboy President can use The Google to find my arguments and then convey them for me. (And yes, definitely click the Cowboy Presidency link.)

Well, that's about all from here. We're going to see a movie called El Colombian Dream tonight. It's all in Spanish, but I'm hopefull that I can understand it as it looks hilarious.

But before I go, for all those Virginia voters out there, here's yet another article endorsing Jim Webb for Senate over the Southern California turned Virginia Redneck, George Allen. And here's an article explaining why the United States government thinks it's ok to torture prisoners-of-war, with the words leaping out of Mr. Vice-President Darth Cheney's mouth himself. Gotta wonder what John McCain is thinking right now (he of absolutely zero integrity, as he voted to make torture legal).

Ok, that's it from the homestretch. I'm off to collect my wife from work and then get the night going. And, since the Redskins have the weekend off, I'm sure Ill have a good one.


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