Saturday, January 13, 2007

Random Bits

I'm really a bit peeved that Nintendo's Wii has outpaced Playstation 3 sales. This is partially explained by Sony's production problems; they simply didn't have enough units available for sale, but another part is the assinine stupidity of the American consumer. The demand for Wii is easily greater than for the Playstation 3. Analysts have all sorts of stupid ass measures for why this is true and I'll not buck their bits, but I will say, as someone who has played many different types of consoles in my life, the Wii is clearly a waste of money.

First and foremost, the adult gaming industry is headed toward more and more realism. Nintendo hasn't ever been on the realism boat. Their cartoonish graffics and ridiculous adherence to the Mario line set their course towards the kids market some time ago. Wii hasn't changed that. In contrast, PS3 and XBox 360 are both a whole 'nuther generation of realism. The graffics advancements and game play improvements, from what I've read, are excellent.

At any rate, there are basically two things I find ridiculous about the Wii demand.

1. It's a stupid ass idea. Who really wants to play a game where you have to swing your arm to "use" a sword? Or move your arm in any way to play any video game. The Wii flies in the face of a simple video game rule: video games are, by nature, lazy ass fun. I don't want to stand up and swing my arm and all sorts of other nonsense when I play a video game. I want to sit on my ass and shoot 'em up.

2. Games make the console. I get why people want XBox 360 or Playstation 3. I don't have one, but I get it. Great systems plus great games make for long term enjoyment potential. But, I would never by a Wii, or any other Nintendo system for that matter, primarily because their history of cool ass game support stinks.

But hey, at least it's only like $200, right?

I don't know why this Wii phenomenon pisses me off so much. Maybe it's because CNN international had an excess of coverage touting the "new way to play video games". Or maybe it's general antagonism I feel toward Nintendo. Or maybe I'm just an ornary little b*tch who laments the lack of video gameage in my house. No matter. I hope the Wii dies a sudden and painful death. Because I certainly don't want to see the video game world suddenly become a quasi-active activity.


Football Weekend. Looks like I'll be able to get two of the four games this weekend. One game each day, which isn't too bad since I'm sure my sweet wife actually wants to spend some time with me. So, I'm excited about the chance to see two of the four.

Today, I get the early game, which is Colts-Ravens. Now, I've never been a Manning fan. He's an excellent player, but I don't think I've ever seen him play and said to myself, wow, he really enjoys the game of football. Instead, he comes across as an arrogant ass. So, I've pretty much always rooted against him. Which is too bad really. Because I like some of the Colts.

At any rate, fan preferences aside, there's no way the Colts are going to beat the Ravens in Baltimore. Defensively, the Colts just doesn't have a lot to offer. This season, they were historically bad against the run. Nothing has changed there. They basically have to keep scoring to win and this week is no different.

That's a great strategy against my lowly Redskins, but against the Ravens? Good luck. Baltimore had the league's best defense and it's a physical one. Just the type that Manning and the Colts always struggle against (see Patriots, New England). After three quarters of getting beaten up, blitzed from all angles, and bashed at the line of scrimmage, just who is going to step up and make plays for the Colts?

Ravens 28, Colts 17

In the nightcap, we have the Saints hosting the Eagles. Not a whole lot to say here. The Saints have NFC MVP Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and the Duece, a slew of talented receivers, and a stout defense. The Eagles have Jeff Garcia and Brian Westbrook.

Saints 35, Eagles 14

Tomorrow, the early game is Seattle at Chicago. I already spoke about this earlier in the week and I'm not inclined to go against prophetic dreams. So I'll stick with that prediction.

Bears 26, Seahawks 6

The last game of the weekend is New England at Seattle. This is, reputedly, the "hardest game to call". I don't know if I agree with that. Let's face up to the fact that over the course of the season New England hasn't exactly been a dominant football team, at least not against good football teams. In fact, the Patriots have the look of a team that simply knows how to beat the crap out of terrible teams, but can't make up for the talent shortage against the top shelf. Losses to Denver and Indy, the only two top teams they played all season, pretty much bear out that theory. And it's not exactly like their four game NFC Central swing was too challenging either. In the end, the Patriots had a pretty weak schedule, which is why they won 12 games.

Tomorrow, they're playing the most consistently dominant and excellent football team in the NFL this year, in their house. A team that suffered only two losses, both on the road, by a combined 6 points all season. A team with a virtually unstoppable offense with the league MVP and best running back of our time, LaDanian Tomlinson and a dominant defense.

The talent gap is just too great. Aside from Tom Brady, who's going to make plays for New England? Reche Caldwell? Maroney or Dillon? I just don't see it. The lack of offensive playmakers will bite them in the end

Chargers 30, Patriots 17



Anonymous Dave said...

So, you only went 2-2 with the picks and wouldn't have hit the over in that colts/ravens contest. Good thing we weren't betting in Vegas again this year!

10:25 PM  
Blogger SJH said...

My prognostication skills are terrible. Just blew the AFC. But at least I picked the NFC winners.

9:14 AM  

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