Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick Hits

Watched most of the Patriots-Chargers game last night. What an ass-whipping. As currently configured, the Patriots are clearly the best team in the NFL. They could be the best team in a decade or more. It’s not inconceivable that they could go 16-0. They’ll definitely be 5-0 when they play Dallas and assuming they win that game, will be 8-0 when they play Indy. If they win both of those, I think 16-0 is guaranteed.

The best team in the NFC might just be the Cowboys, as much as it pains me to say that. They are scoring points in bunches and while the defense is giving up points, they’re getting turnovers as well. Here’s a troubling thought: the team that my Redskins struggled to beat and score on (Miami) was housed by the Cowboys to the tune of 37-20. Not good.

Tonight the Skins are in Philly in a key division matchup. I have a feeling we’re going to surprise the League. A lot of people are discounting the Skins but I like our D. It looks like it’s back to ’05 form. Plus, McNabb didn’t look like himself last week. We have a real chance to go 3-0 if we win this one (with a weakening Giants team the following week). As currently composed, there is nothing about this Philly team that is particularly scary. One dynamite player (Westbrook), average receivers, a QB at 60%, and a defense that looks about average. I think we got a shot if we run the football on the edges.

Still, it’s the Patriots world and we’re all just playing in it.


We went to two barbeques over the weekend. Two different celebrations (both graduations). Lots of family type events down here.

At any rate, on Saturday night, we were going to a Home Goods fair (discounts on all the good stuff) because we needed to buy a washing machine (which we did). On the way, I saw, once again, a recently deceased motorcyclist sprawled out on the freeway.

This is not an uncommon event here in Colombia. I have seen a number of dead people, although they are normally covered with a sheet or tarp or something. This time, we drove by shortly after the accident so the cops had seemingly just arrived and the body was uncovered. It was a sad sight to see.

My wife and I had a discussion about it afterwards. I just can’t seem to comprehend why people risk their lives so flagrantly to save 5 minutes of time. The way people drive down here is generally terrible but the motorcylers are the worst. They zip in and around cars with a total disregard for personal safety that is stunning. I personally have almost had accidents with these guys many times. The classic is when you’re taking a right turn, with your signal on, and it’s clear to go, except the motorcycle behind you decides they can scoot past you on your right before you make the turn. Sheer stupidity.

My wife suggests that it’s a lack of education. I’m sure she’s right. After all, Bogotá is a city in which just recently (in the last 5 years) there was a public service campaign to get people to use cross-walks. Too many people were getting killed jaywalking it seemed. I’ve seen this happen as well (reckless jaywalking, that is) and it boggles the mind. Life comes cheap in Colombia.


It’s looking increasingly like Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. Can’t say I’m too happy about that. She’s more prone to following polling advice than stand on principle. Looks like a career pol. We’ve got 4 months to go before the primary season begins, but it’s obviously her race to lose. Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t made enough inroads. For all Hillary’s vaunted experience, she voted for the Iraq war, hasn’t taken a stand to end the war, and is probably most noted for the colossal failure of health care reform. I just can’t seem to get too motivated by the idea of a Hillary presidency. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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