Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Awaiting NH results eagerly. Expecting an Obama win amidst news that Hillary is considering giving up on both South Carolina and Nevada - which would undoubtedly be huge and probably spell the end of her candidacy (the Guiliani strategy isn't for winners).

Anyway, thought I'd put up a link to this article which I find quite interesting in that it not only supports my point that the Militia Support (i.e. buying off the enemy) Strategy in Iraq is the reason why the "surge has worked" but it also supports my argument that this strategy is likely to lead to a bloodier and more dangerous civil war "ahorita" as we say down here.

(Ahorita: at some point in the undefinable future. Used like this: "When are you going to clean the dishes?" "Ahorita.").

I also like the ego gratification of being proven right 1 out of a 100 times or so.

Cheers and happy voting.



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