Friday, August 06, 2004

Gary Payton Traded to Celts

I'm not sure what's wierder - that the Celts just traded for Gary Payton (a good move from a GM that habitually makes really really bad decisions) or that ESPN's Page 2 satirist Bill Simmons already has a long article up in support of the trade.

Now i'm a pretty reasonable guy, but this smacks of conspiracy. Did Celtics GM Danny Ainge give Simmons a heads up in order to garner positive press? He has been taking it pretty hard from "Boston Sports Guy" recently (justly, in my mind). Seems like a solid strategy to me. Tell Simmons that you are making this trade but that he can't tell anyone about it until after it goes through. Simmons gets to write a long article about it, scooping the rest of the media world, and establishes himself as a viable/credible source.


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