Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I got the juice

Managed to find a close store that had plug adapters, so I'm no longer on a power budget. Shwing!

Just in case my tone seemed a bit negative yesterday, those posts were written when I was extremely tired and don't accurately reflect my mood here. London is a fantastic town with many wonderful things to do and see. I'm having a great time so far.

As for my room, the most important thing I need to find is some kind of padded mattress cover. The springs in my back all night are not so comfortable. Plus, I think i'm going to rearrange the furniture a bit and that will make it much better. It just gets stuffy with the windows closed, so that's why it smelled kind of musty when I moved in. Now that i've been there a bit, the fresh air has helped clean it up a bit.

I'm settling in nicely. Met some very nice people yesterday and this morning. I've started keeping notes to try to remember peoples names. Never was my strong suit and I forgot to use the one trick I know (say the person's name several times in the first conversation).

Yesterday's walk was quite a bit longer than I thought. I did a rough estimate by looking at a more detailed map and it looks like I went about 9 miles. I was exhausted last night, but it was such a great day I just couldn't justify taking the Tube. Today is a little more overcast and rain is threatening, so I think I'll go south instead of north. I haven't found a place to go jogging yet, but I think there's a nice park relatively close.


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