Sunday, August 15, 2004


There's nothing like having a last hurrah burrito before you head to the burrito desert. Mmmm, Chipolte was delicious yesterday.

Yesterday was a long day. We got up early, packed up the cars and drove to Arlington. Then we packed more stuff into the cars and drove to Maryland. After unpacking there, I attempted to pack my bags for the 2nd time...and failed for the second time. Last night I went to Vic's and hung out with him and Dave. Good times.

Today, I'm going to pack up (for real this time), then head over to Dorn's. He lives near Dulles so I'm going to spend the night there. He's been generous enough to offer me a ride at 5 in the AM.

Whenever you make major life changes, you receive advice from everyone. The following is a snippet:

"Be careful"
"Marry a toothless english woman"
"Never call an englishman 'limey'"

But standing above all other was from my barber on Friday. She had three peices of advice:

1. Don't get anyone pregnant - Sound advice always
2. Don't marry anyone over there because those Europeans just want US citizenship - which was news to me
3. If you do marry, make sure it's for love - equally sound

Somehow, the kind lady managed to get my entire life story in about 10 minutes, then promptly declared that since I am 29 and have not married yet, that I must be a sensible boy.

Seriously, the best advice came from Sensei, who led the way as usual:

"Party hard, but study harder".


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