Monday, September 13, 2004

Busy busy

Not a whole lot to report tonight. I spent most of the day at school reading and researching for one of my papers. It's taking a lot of work just to figure out what I'm writing about, but I think I have an argument - now I just have to prove it. Writing the damn thing is going to be the easy part.

This morning I woke up at 6 am with sudden inspiration. So I grabbed my laptop and pecked out 2000 words on this essay i'm writing (not for school). I sort of fancy myself as an aspiring author, so when stuff like that happens I don't try to go back to sleep - I get to work. Consequently, two hours later I went back to sleep, so I didn't get to school until 1.

While I was there I had coffee with Anna from Moscow and chatted with Evan from Bogota. There's always someone around. Overall a pretty good day. I've been working pretty hard the last couple days and since I'm going out tomorrow night, I'll probably do the same tomorrow. And then on Wednesday, I think I'm going to do some sightseeing with Evan, Maria (also from Columbia), and Meredith (from New Hampshire). None of us have class and it may be the last good chance for awhile.

The weather has turned very cool in the last two days. I didn't wear a jacket to school today but should have. It's like all of a sudden it's fall. It's been cool and windy the last two days. There's no predicting the English weather. I will say, that the rumor of rain seems to be vastly overstated, at least as my short stay is concerned. It does rain, but it seems to very rarely rain all day like you get in DC. The jet stream is so strong over England that storms blow through pretty quickly. Today is a good example. It rained early this morning, was gray and windy when I went to school, rained shortly in the afternoon, and then just started raining again at about 1130 tonight. At any rate, I'm curious to see what the winter is like because they say that it rains a lot.


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