Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bad Mood Story Time

I'm in a bad mood tonight. It happens. But I wanted to relate a story of complete and utter NOBBERY that deserves preservation.

On Tuesday in class, my friend that I've discussed in this space before decided she was going to start a fight. My professor laid out a criteria for what constitutes a "revolution" compared to a "revolt" or a "war of independence". This criteria excluded cases where there was a colonial power because the revolt didn't change the home government, it only led to independence for part of the nation's territory (which is why there was no American revolution). It was a very straight forward, and if I may be so bold, reasonable argument.

My friend, however, decided that the professor's definition excluded the Haitian "revolution" because she studied Haiti before and she knows that it's been referred to as a "revolution" before. After getting incredibly uppity about it and COMPLETELY ignoring that the definition presented in class was designed for a specific context (and that the role of the social scientist is to discern between dissimilar events), she essentially accused the entire class and the professor of being racists because we refused to acknowledge that a "revolt" involving black people could be a revolution.

Not only that, at one point, she said, "I know it's true because I've seen it on the internet" which of course prompted unpreventable laughter from my friend Dave and I. Her response to the laughter was to ask us if we didn't believe her or, more accurately, if we thought she was "lying". I was sure for a moment there that we were going to have fisticuffs - that is, violence from her against the rest of us. It's then that I realized (after writing several "kill me"s in my notebook), that I know who she is. In the everlasting memory of the tempini, my friend is the 1st person to get kicked off the Real World every season. She's the girl that hears one thing but never listens. She's the girl that resorts to violence because her mental deficit is so severe that she has a complete inability to express her primitive thoughts in any fashion except "RACE" or "Are you calling me a liar?". For these sins, I forever dub her:

Real World.

Everyone needs a nickname and her's suits her perfectly. From now on, if I mention Real World, you know whom I'm talking about.

Now, there is another issue that deserves attention. Some (especially those located in Silver Spring, Maryland) would suggest that this person is not my "friend", she is my "associate". It's a good assertion. If I wasn't forced to interact with this person on a regular basis, I'm sure I wouldn't. So, every time I've called her my "friend", just replace in your mind with "associate". Because that's more accurate. Alternatively, you could just think of her as a useless piece of garbage that is driving me slowly insane.

At any rate, I'm quite tired and it's quite late. I'm also somewhat perturbed that I can't watch any baseball playoffs and that the Redskins, much like my pessimistic and good friend Dave predicted, suck ass. Someone asked me what I miss about the States tonight (excluding family and friends - because that's a given). The answer was easy. I miss the sports.

I promise more positivity in the next post.


Blogger Snake Vargas said...

I'm hurt by the "pessimistic" label being attached to my being. I prefer "realistic". In the future if you use the word "pessimistic" to describe me I'm going to replace it in my mind with "realistic"!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha big hearty metro laugh. you have the patience of job.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Dorn: LOL

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so sad, that you are sad. To be without sports, what about British sports? Futbol? I hear it is quite the sport over there. What about rugby? Since you are there, do as the Romans do, learn to love their sports (but not so much that you won't want to leave). If you attend the matches, please do not get trampled. Liondogs.

7:21 PM  

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