Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick Update

Well, it's been a very busy week. I'm teaching an awful lot of English at the moment, which is both bad and good. The good is that I'm making a bit of money. The bad is that I'm not really enjoying teaching English very much. Well, at times it's bearable, at other times it's pretty bad. For now, it's good for us, but it's clearly not a long term solution. Half the time I'm wishing class will finish quickly (English) and the other half, I'm wishing class would last longer (Spanish).

The Spanish is progressing. I'm at the point where I can understand an awful lot and I can read pretty well (when the vocabulary allows), but I'm still not speaking properly. Sometimes it's pretty frustrating, but I have patience. I've been here for 3 months, so I have to measure my progress accordingly. Still, the sooner I become reasonably fluent, the better.

Very soon (as in the next 5 minutes), I'm grabbing a cab, picking up the wife, and heading to the airport. She has a conference in Cartagena this weekend and we're going for the weekend. I'm excited. She'll only have to work about half the time and Monday is a holiday, so we'll be able to spend some quality time.

Anyway, we're moving on the 1st of July and things are pretty busy right now. Hopefully things will even out and I'll be able to post more regularly at some point.


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