Saturday, November 04, 2006

A very brief update

More terror in Colombia this week. Smaller car bombs went off south of Bogota and in Villavicencio. Some people were killed, others injured. Also happening this week, the FARC launched a major offensive against a police station in the Northwest province of Cordoba. Seventeen police officers were killed.

The upswing in violence has led Uribe to call for a return to peace talks. He's flip-flopping like a GOP incumbent right now. After the massive car bomb in Bogota, he said essentially that all talks were off. Now, after 2 weeks of violence, he's saying that if FARC agrees to a cease fire, he will return to talks and possibly do a prisoner exchange.

Gotta love it when the government essentially has no coherent policy toward the gravest threat to a nation (ahem, Mr. War on Terror Cowboy President).

At any rate, I have not the time to detail my analysis of these developments as I must leave for the airport immediately. I'm off to Medellin for the weekend (a 3-day weekend here in Colombia). Diana is already there as she has a pharmaceutical congress of sorts that finishes tomorrow morning.


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