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Well, the internets are working very slowly today. And that´s putting a damper on an otherwise very boring afternoon. I had planned on finishing some work (check) and then falling into an open-eyed slumber but the absence of reliable internets connections is impeding my ability to laze off like a typical government worker.

When I left Javeriana this afternoon, I saw some protests in the street. Some anti-King George students had blockaded the road and were getting quite militant while the cops watched. No tear gas or water cannons, but then again, those who attend Javeriana are rich, so you wouldn´t want the cops busting up some rich kids, now would you? Class is everything.

I went out last night, with much reluctance, with my co-workers. It was pretty boring for the most part. They are very cliquish and I found it difficult to make conversation as the person I was talking with invariably would get distracted by a friend, start chatting with the other person, and totally forget that I had been in mid-sentence. Whatever. These people are for the most part, not my kind of people. There´s a lot of reasons for that, and I´ll likely profile them on a day in which I actually have a smidgeon of energy, but suffice it to say, Blah.

At any rate, I analyzed the social dynamic last night and I came to the realization that the organization of a table for a social gathering is incredibly important for creating interaction. Last night was in the American style and by that I mean, a long ass table with 15 people meaning that you can only really talk with the person in front or next to you (if you´re on the end, like I was). Law firms in the US sometimes get that this layout doesn´t work, but my general experience in the US was much like this. Big ass tables, lots of shouting, shitty time.

On the other hand is the British style. One thing about the Brits, they know how to socialize. The only time I had a professional work party that utilized the afor mentioned layout strategy, it was organized by a prick of an American partner (with a 2 drink limit). It was, without a doubt, a shit ass time.

But, the more typical Brit layout was without tables. The idea isn´t to go sit on your ass and act formal. The idea was to get to the pub, have some drinks, and let loose. Low level shrubs like myself were encouraged to talk to tall trees, as the partners and big wigs actually sought us out and wanted to chat with us. Basically, it was: gather in an open space, add beer, and mix. And it works.

Meetings like last night, however, are made for big wigs to feel important. They become the center of attention, they feel like because they´re enjoying the spotlight, everyone must be enjoying it too, and most of the people pretty much kiss ass all of the time.

You can say I was less than thrilled to be there. Fortunately, I didn´t have to pay for anything and I took my boss´s car service home. So, at the end of the day, I got some free food, two Rum and Coke´s and a lack of sleep.

Perhaps next time we can go to an actual pub and mingle naturally instead of sitting in the spotlight of the big bosses who are hoping we worship them for all their big boss glory.

God I hate corporate life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so freaking tired of foreigners like you...the only thing you do is bitch and complain about Colombia, the people and overall the culture!! DUDE before you even moved to Colombia you knew that it was a third world country with an endless pack of problems, but you still decided to move there, so you don't have a valid reason for you lame complaints, get over it!! if you don't like it, you can easily go back to your first-world and stop being a spoiled brat all the time! and if you stay, at least show some RESPECT and try to ENJOY the country because you'll never understand the culture, don't even try cuz you'll be wasting your time!

STOP being the typical first-world judgmental tourist, because yesss!! you're still tourist,the day that you start realizing how wonderful Colombia is and stop judging absolutely everyhting, that day you'll become another resident

2:08 PM  
Blogger SJH said...

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one.

You, however, clearly need reading comprehension lessons. The thing I find shocking about my co-workers is that in my experience Colombians have been incredibly friendly and outgoing, except this group. Pointing that out is not complaining about Colombians, unless you think all of Colombia is just the 8-10 members of my team.

If fact, nothing in my post was "complaining" about or even criticizing (there is a difference)Colombia. Not once have I bitched and moaned about Colombia. I have criticized, just as I have criticized every country that I have lived in (I'm a political scientist). You, however, seem to be hypersensitive meaning that any criticism would be seen as "first world judgement".

To before you post again, take a sec to realize the following:

1. I choose to live in Colombia.
2. I just bought an apartment in Bogota.
3. Complaining is not the same thing as criticizing.
4. I work for an American company.
5. I hate the corporate world.

So, please, take a second to read a little closer before you go off about someone you don't know, have never met, and never will.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wasn't especifically referring to this post, but in general! it seems that you "criticise" absolutely everything and as your 1st point says "i chose to live in Colombia".. your "criticisms" are ridiculous, nobody forced you to move to the savage third-world! it's repugnant and offensive when those "criticisms" come from a foreigner who made the decision himself!

What would your response be if you overhear someone criticising the overall lack of culture in American Society ? i bet the first thing you would say to yourself would be " if your life is so miserable here, than why don't you move back to your shithole!" same thing DUDE!

Maybe you should start socializing more with Colombians and stop making the same mistake 99% of the foreigners in Colombia do! They isolate themselves from everybody and only hang out with the other foreginers and that's why their experiences usually turn out to be horrible, their fake ass colombian experience, yeahh right..bullshit!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we say again, read.... the blog??? Clearly you have not read this blog or you would not be spouting off such as you are. Duh!! I am not the author, just a reader, and you have missed it. Your attack is very odd indeed.

9:29 PM  
Blogger SJH said...

You clearly have a sensitivity problem.

"Foreigners" have criticized my country, my culture, my country´s politics, etc, and rightly so. I didn´t EVER think, well go back to your country then like a total jackass. I AGREED with them. My president is a thoughtless jackass who launched an ill-advised war against my wishes. And I don´t care if you say it or anyone else.

As of today, (bye bye Brazilians) I know exactly 2 other foreigners. One is American, one is British. I socialize with neither.

My wife is Colombia, chief. I hang out with Colombians all the time, like her family, our friends, my friends, etc.

You may now reside forevermore in the Nobatorium. Thanks for playing.

12:11 PM  

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