Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ready for some Rioting

Well, the office security official has just informed us that there is a very high probability of more student-police clashes sometime during the day. I mentioned once before that I encountered the tail end of these protests once before and was seriously effected by the remnants of the tear gas used. My office just happens to be in the middle of the nexus of where the previous protests/riots occured and that means we´ll likely be effected by today´s events.

As we are situated on the 3rd floor and at the corner of the 73 and 11, there is a very good chance that tear gas will enter the building and make life here on our floor quite difficult. The windows don´t really shut all the way and every night we´re assaulted by noxious bus pollution making life here quite suffocating. If there is a riot, I´m sure we´ll have to evacuate our floor.

Some people would be concerned about this development, but I´m just wishing I had brought my camera. They told us we could go home and work from home if we wanted to, but there´s no way I´m doing that. I have the perfect vantage point to see the shenanigans and if we get gassed, we have a 10th floor patio that gives adequate viewing without noxious fumes.

I just hope this doesn´t effect my lunch break.


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