Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chinese government is destroying Tibetan Culture

I have to be totally honest that I really don't know that much about Tibet. I do know that China is a human rights abusing regime that we (the world) have essentially chosen to lay with because there doesn't appear to be any other alternative. But I urge everyone to this Rolling Stone article entitled "The End of Tibet".

I must warn you though. It's a tough, tough read. The Chinese really come across as bastards and rightfully so. It's also a really depressing article because it left me with the feeling that no matter what we do (people, NGOs, governments), the end is near for Tibet. The Chinese have cleverly and ruthlessly instituted a campaign that will see the eradication of Tibetan culture within the next 20 years.

The article also contains a link to an organization that is actively trying to use the Beijing 2008 Olympics as a forum to highlight the Tibetan Genocide. Please go there. Do something that they suggest. If we are truly living in a globalized world, and we are all citizens of the world, then we owe it to our fellow citizens to act now. Even if it already might be too late.


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