Sunday, April 29, 2007

Less is More

Or so they say.

Anyway, I still haven't had much time on a regular basis to post consistently. This is annoying me. I feel like I have a 100 posts written in my head, yet I have only put a few up. Maybe I should quit my job so that I can devote more time to the blog.

We bought a new TV yesterday. Best news of the week. It's a 32" Samsung LCD, HDTV ready and whatnot. Very cool. Of course, the cable signal here isn't the best or most consistent, so we won't be fully taking advantage of this technology for quite some time. But that's ok. We now have a bad ass TV that will soon be mounted on the wall.

The new apartment is still getting sorted out. There are a variety of things that the builders need to fix - a leaky pipe, knobs on the shower doors, an uneven part of the floor, et. al. But, we bought some nice things yesterday and we'll buy a few more things today and that will pretty much be it. Oh, and one of my wife's aunts is loaning us her washer and dryer for 3-4 months, so we don't have to worry about that expense for awhile. I've been investigating the washer/dryer combo in one unit (they really need a good name for that, how about: wyer) but apparently they don't have gas powered versions here in Colombia, only electricity users. So, we have real concerns about the energy usage and now that I have the data necessary on the available units in the country, I have to do the power usage research. Because as cool as that technology is, it just doesn't make sense to pay more for the wyer and more every month in energy bills (not to mention the carbon usage).

I have another month to the semester at Javeriana and I'm happy about that. Teaching english there has not been the best experience. Or, I should refrase, teaching english is not the most favorable experience for me. Anyway, I have one class of all professors of the university. They get to take the class for free, assuming they pass. Never a lazier, more worthless group have I met. It looks like 2 - 4 of my professors are going to fail and have to pay for the course. I should take some blame for that as their teacher, but given that those 2- 4 are taking a course too advanced for them (something I told them at the beginning), that I've given them every resource imaginable to help them (including basically telling them that if they want to prepare for the exam they should listen to a CD that comes with the book), and that they refuse to study outside of the class, they can go to hell. Worthless, arrogant clods, they are.

I still have pics from Miami and the new apartment to put up. But realistically, that won't happen until next week. I really don't have much "at home" computer time during the week and we have more things to do today.

I'm reading John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath right now. Best book I've read in a very, very long time. He is now my official idol. Whatever awards he won for that book weren't enough. If something that I write ever comes close to his level of excellence, I will be pleased indeed. I have two more books to read after this one, Richard Clarke's Against All Enimies and The Making of Modern Colombia by David Bushnell.

Ok, that's about all for today. We've got things to do and there's lunch to be found and consumed. I hope all is well and I hope my cute little niece had a very happy birthday party at the DC zoo.


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