Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nob of the Week: Ruben Navarrette Jr

Welcome to the Nobatorium, Mr Navarrette Jr. You have the distinct honor of being the first to be enshrined in these hallowed walls for today´s article on CNN.

In attempting to explain why everyone is attacking AG Gonzalez, Mr Navarrette Jr plays the race card. It´s not because he´s incompetent, it´s not because he introduced politics into the Rule of Law, it´s not because he reinterpreted the constitution to justify torture, a stronger executive, etc. No, everyone is out to get Gonzalez because he´s Latino:

"Leading this lynch mob are white liberals who resent Gonzales because they can't claim the credit for his life's accomplishments and because they can't get him to curtsy."

And if that example of utter nobbery wasn´t sufficient, Navarrette Jr. makes an overt threat to the Dems for the ´08 election:

"Well, if they succeed in running him off without a fair hearing, many Hispanics won't forget the shoddy treatment afforded this grandson of Mexican immigrants. You watch. Democrats will have to intensify their efforts to win Hispanic votes in the 2008 elections. And there's not that much chips and salsa on the planet."

From his exalted position as Speaker for All Hispanics, Navarrette Jr has committed three key errors:

1. He opened his mouth,
2. He assumed that all Latin People are stupid, and,
3. He became the liar that he so criticized in his essay.

The truth is, sir, Gonzalez is responsible. No matter your pleasant little narrative about Gonzalez being an "honest public servant" (always good to trumpet out the words of the Prez, right?), no matter who else was involved, no matter who pulled the strings, Gonzalez is the guy at the top. This was the worst sort of politics, the type that fundamentally plays with the independence of our prosecutorial system and risks the Rule of Law. To deny that is to merely expose you as the Nobarrific Hack that you are.

So, Sir Nob, I salute you. Your Nobtext was virtually unprecedented from an editor of a major newspaper.



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