Tuesday, March 20, 2007



It´s what I feel today. For a lot of reasons, this job is more difficult than it should be, but the primary factor is the Spanish. It´s not always a huge problem, but today it is. And on the really important matters of discussion, it will remain a problem until I can improve my ability to express complex ideas.

Short version: We submitted some documents to USAID. They sent back a seriously devestating criticism and rejection (with a several of the very questions I asked and have yet to receive an answer). Problem is, the email is in English and my boss (limited English) needs me to explain the finer details.

Patience wearing thin. Had I the complete fluent ability to express complex ideas in Spanish, perhaps all this unpleasantness (proposal rejection) could have been avoided and my value to the company could have been demonstrated. Instead, the managers blundered and I get to play the role of interpretor. Lovely.


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