Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Mistakes were made"

Hi, I´m a serial killer. The other day, I robbed a bank, shot 3 people, and lied to the cops about it. But you know, "mistakes were made." And "[I´m] going to take steps to ensure that that doesn´t happen again."

Does anyone know why I used the passive voice above? Well, as a non-certified English as a Foreign Language teacher, I can testify that one of the key uses of the passive voice is when we don´t want to take or assign blame. And because, you know, the premeditated acts of robbing a bank, killing innocents, and covering it up were, like, totally accidental, I just can´t help myself. You know, mistakes were made. I mean, I made mistakes and all.

Now, maybe (For the Moment) Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez isn´t totally familiar with the grammar rules (most people aren´t) and yes his "crimes" weren´t as grevious as those of a serial killer and yes he did take some responsibility ("I made mistakes") after being badgered, but when it comes down to it, he´s just another lying ass clown employed by the King of all Nepotism.

Look, saying "mistakes were made" might work when decisions are taken in the moment or based on faulty information. But firing 8 Attorney Generals because they refused to indict Democractic Candidates prior to the 2006 election was a premeditated act that merely caps AG Gonzalez´s tenure as a Constitution-shredding, Torture-Justifying, Ends Justify the Means, Power over Law, Sonic Death Monkey. And I hope to God it´s the last act of his service.

I watched his interview on CNN this morning and I found him to be just as deplorably reprehensible as usual. I also think he´s a bit of a wuss. He refused to answer the question "Is it time for you to resign?" with anything other than, "I serve at the will of the President, it´s for him to decide." Of course, the 3 year old illiterate monkey conducting the interview couldn´t come up with a follow up question.

(Exs, "You´re the highest judicial authority in the land and, on your watch, according to your department´s own report, the FBI illegally spied on private citizens and now you´ve admitted that you lied to Congress about the firing of USAs. Doesn´t that warrent the termination of your tenure as Attorney General?" Or, more simply, "Where does the buck stop? You´re in charge of the FBI and under your watch, they illegally spied on private citizens. Doesn´t that justify your resignation?" Or even, "what would constitute a fair basis for dismissal of an Attorney General?")

At any rate, I´m absolutely disgusted with the Bush administration and feel that it will take years, if not decades for America to recover. Gonzalez is just one example, hopefully one self-serving puppet that will be summarily removed in the very near future. But these people have arrogantly abused whatever power they have received, broken virtually every law that stood in the way of whatever immoral action they wanted to perpetrate, and smugly thrown dirt at everyone and anyone that criticized them over it. They deserve to be prosecuted, jailed, and never pardoned.


Torture - Check
Lie to Congress - Check
Violate constitutional rights - Check
Attempt to force federal prosecutors to indict Democrats before 2006 election - Check
Fire those USAs after they refused to trump up charges - Check
Fired, Charged, Jailed - Pending


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