Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick GOP debate thoughts

I watched a good bit of the GOP debate last night. Not only am I a bit of a junkie, there was nothing else on (Tuesday is a horrid TV night down here). At any rate, I will likely have to revise my previous predictions based on what I saw.

McCain: Looks older and feebler than I imagined. Really came off poorly. I`m having trouble imagining him as the nominee. The constant repeating of the same jokes, lines, etc led me to wonder about his mental state. I`m on the cusp of putting him in the DONE category that the total GOP jackass Michael Steele created after the debate.

Giuliani: Really trying to position himself as the terror candidate. If that`s the case, then why react so strongly to the claim that US sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s was one of the causes of 9/11. I know he got a lot of applause for challenging that idea, and Fox News and everyone else is falling all over themselves, but frankly, if you don`t think that US foreign policy has something to do with us being a target of terror then you`re either an ostrich or a moron. Other than that, nothing really substantively interesting and I thought he came off rather bad in general. Also looks like an alien.

Romney: Came across Presidential and if this were American Idol I would say he`s the best bet. But, his claim that "flip flops come from learning and growth" rings hollow. Especially when the only example he can give where he flip flopped toward something unpopular (excellent question that one) was that he used to want to abolish the Department of Education - not exactly a hot button issue. Plus, he tried to skewer McCain on campaign finance which actually woke McCain up from his nap for a bit but was wholeheartedly stupid. People don`t care about campaign finance. He receives a vomit rating.

Tancredo et. al. For the most part, I was totally confused as to who was who because FOX didn`t have their names at the bottom of the screen for large portions of the debate (I believe this was planned). But, I would say that the remaining candidates waver between stark raving lunatics ("I want Jack Bauer up there fighting terrorists") to isolationist nervous nellies. None of the rest of the field has a prayer.

Conclusion: I believe we`ll see some subtractions from the race. The stark raving lunatic part of the GOP is likely to hurt them if they continue to get more exposure. I also expect to see more talk of Gingrich, Law and Order guy, etc. Because the truth is, no one won this debate. All the candidates were exposed with critical weaknesses. None of the candidates gave an impression that yeah, he could be President.

No surprises there.


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