Friday, June 08, 2007

Guiliani - Bush´s Love Child

Worse than Bush.

Shockingly wrong.

Dangerous words to speak and believe:

"We are not in a war, where the root cause of this war is poverty. Bin Laden comes from one of the richest families in the world," Giuliani added. "Mohamed Atta, who was the guy principally responsible for 9/11 was based in Germany and he was well educated. I don't think he was exactly drinking dirty water. And the reality is, is that they are coming at it from their liberal mindset of what must cause crime and they are not wrong about that. But terrorism is not caused by poverty. The Islamic terrorist movement, the root cause of it has to do with ideology and a perversion of religion, an idea that they are intolerant of the way we live. And to be a leader, if you lack clarity it is very very dangerous."

Right. They´re just all crazy. Better start killin´em all.


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