Thursday, September 27, 2007

The stupidity of American Politics / Media

Apparently, there was another Democratic debate last night involving all the candidates. Who knew.

Nothing really surprising to report about that. The media fell all over themselves declaring winners and losers. No one said anything really noteworthy or controversial. Pretty much the same stuff as the previous debates (although now everyone is asking if they would pullout of Iraq by 2013.)

There was one question, however, that makes me want to punch someone (notably the moderator) square in the jaw:

"What is your favorite bible passage?"

My response had I been a participant:


I'm really starting to wonder what hell is going on with America. They don't even think about fielding questions like that down here in Colombia - a 90% Catholic country. That's the type of thing they usually reserve for Iran.

So congratulations to Tim Russert and MSNBC for once again demonstrating that in addition to illegal rendition, torture, and denial of basic human rights, the US also shares with Iran an overzealous religious culture that is corrupting our politics.

...And I'm proud to be an 'Merican....



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