Thursday, February 07, 2008

Midday update

- Good bye Rominator. It was good knowing you.

- Only once in my life have I ever donated money to a political campaign and that was a $25 contribution I just made to Obama. Now I can say I helped with more than just inane blather.

- Still no Redskins coach. Getting the feeling no one really wants the job.

- Shaq to the Suns. Alright then.

- No Car Day here in Bogota. That means no cars except: taxis, buses, official business cars, diplomatic and state cars, and any car with a 3-grade window tint or heavier. Yeah, sounds kinda bizarre but it's just a way of saying, "If you're rich and have bodyguards, you can still be driven around like a badass." The point of the "No Car" is to take air pollution measurements and encourage public forms of transportation.

- Holy crap those were some serious tornados. Saw the devestation on TV this morning. Looks like a post-nuclear war zone. You can do your part here.


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