Monday, June 23, 2008

Defeating a mysterious jungle virus, laziness, and other bits

The last few days I've been quite the sluggard. Those mysterious Colombian viruses are all new to the gringo antibodies that I carry. Fortunately this time around it was milder than the previous time. I suppose that my antibodies are getting better at kicking ass and taking names. Either way, I lost a few days there but I'm back to an adequate level of strength today.

Of course, I'm not in the office. No, that would be too much to ask right? Well, actually, I was going to the office but was stymied by an unexpected protest which completely shut down transit to the southern end of the city. So instead, I'm working at home.

Working at home is normally a great thing except that I have yet to repair my computer. I'm currently running in Safe Mode at the moment which provides minimal functionality. The lack of a reliable computer for the last month partially explains the dearth of posts. Other reasons include: laziness, GRE study, laziness, work obligations, laziness, and laziness. Maybe I shall begin to post more regularly when I get the new hard drive.

Good news for the wife (and me). She got promoted again and as of July 15th will be the Latin American manager for HIV and pain products. It's an excellent step forward for her and for us and likely will smooth our eventual transition to the US. Of course, it's going to mean more travel for her which is generally not so good for me but the flip side is that she'll rack up miles and go to exotic places which means I'll probably be traveling abroad at some point in the relatively near future. Can't complain about that.

Other than those tidbits, things are very much the same here.


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