Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lazy blogging

I've been a pretty lazy blogger. It's true. It's more a feature of me thinking up most of my posts on the bus on the way to work and then being immediately detoured upon arrival to the point that I never get around to posting what I was thinking. Oh well.

Anyway, overjoyed about Obama's win. It's going to be great to have a calm, rational, and normal head running the country. Even beyond the policy issues I think most people just wanted a return to normalcy.

On to the real business of the day: MOVIE REVIEWS.

Saw the new Bond, Quantum of Solace, last friday. Not sure why it premiered here before the US, but whatever. Aside from having a stupid name, it's another great Bond flick and I heartily recommend it. Casino Royale was probably marginally better (there was a huge shock value with how the series changed and all) but this is still a great, great action movie. The key angle of the "New" Bond is realism and the plot is utterly believable. In fact, I found myself wondering afterwards how many times the events in the movie have happened in the world. Spoiler alert: Interested parties would do well to read this book. I'm guessing the screenwriters did.

My grade: A-, Rotten Tomatos: 75%

(Incredibly, at least one reviewer thinks it's one of the worst Bond films. I'm guessing he just skipped the entire Pierce Brosnan period. Comparatively, Brosnan's Bond films received: 60%, 51%, 56%, and, 79%. Only Goldeneye graded out well and that's more because it was the first film after the Timothy Dalton era, not because it was any good.)

Transformers was kinda average if you ask me. I knew from the start that this was a Michael Bay film. His angles, the music, and the general plot development was identical to every movie he's ever made and frankly I'm a bit bored by it all. I mean this seriously, you could have taken out all the parts with the Transformers and replaced them with Asteroids and you would have had Armageddon. Anyway, the effects were cool, there were some laughs, and I enjoyed it. Just was expecting much more. And no, I am not looking forward to the sequel.

My grade: B-, Rotten Tomatos: 57%

Finally got around to seeing Iron Man as well. It was pretty interesting the way they tried to integrate the plot into the world that we live in, so I give them credit for that. And it was shocking to see Robert Downey Jr as a believable action hero. And through the first 3/4's of the movie, I was digging it. The problem, of course, is that the end just blew large sized chunks of open ass. Really, really disappointing conclusion.

My grade: B, Rotten Tomatos: 93%

(I was shocked by this grade as well as the comment that Robert Downey Jr is the best actor to ever play a super hero. Apparently, some reviewers aren't familiar with the new Batman or Christian Bale who makes that franchise go.)

We also saw The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It's a sad-funny movie that is quite well done and enjoyable. I recommend it for people that like normal movies.

My grade: B, Rotten Tomatos: 41%

(Surprised by this rating as well, although most reviewers stated something to the effect that the ending was sentimental, which is was, but I hardly think that should drag it down so far when the end of Iron Man was comparatively more asstastic.)

And last but not least, The Savages, a clever little film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. Full disclosure: I'd pretty much see any movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. He's an excellent actor and deserves all the acclaim in the world. That being said, this is a very odd movie that centers more on Laura Linney, who is also excellent. Not for the light hearted, this movie is about a brother and sister who, after many years without any contact, have to care for their dementia inflicted father. It's serious, it's real, and it taps into an almost unexplainable dynamic that suggests that even through great extrangement, the father-child relationship is unbreakable. I heartily recommend it.

My grade: A, Rotten Tomatos: 89%



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