Thursday, February 19, 2009

An unusual morning

I went to bed with a splitting headache last night which eventually converted itself into a full blown migraine as I found out at 3:30 AM. I tried to fend it off with just water (I'm generally averse to taking meds if I can avoid it), but the pain became increasingly severe until I finally took the new meds that I got prescribed just a couple weeks ago. I´m supposed to take the meds at the onset of the migraine but I was stubborn. Fortunately, the new meds work wonders and I now feel nothing but a rather dull emptiness where previously there was pain. I wouldn't say I'm 100% but I definitely am not in pain and that is good enough for the moment.

Anyway, when I finally got up for good and went off to work, I discovered that there was a protest blocking the Transmilenio which meant there were no buses. I waited awhile and was on the point of giving up and "working from home" when finally an onslaught of buses invaded the station. The protest seemed to have finished.

When I got to the Candelaria I started off toward the office as normal. There was nothing particularly different about the walk until, when I was relatively close, I came up behind a young lady that was walking quite awkwardly. I took note of it and then wondered, almost immediately, if she was actually a man. I gave her a sideways glance when I passed her and really, I can't be sure if she was male or shemale. With plastic surgery and makeup and only giving her a glance, it could have gone either way. Perhaps the only way to answer the question would be to give her the Crocodile Dundee.

Finally arriving at the office I found that, yet again, my boss was not present, and the translation she had asked me to do was likewise nowhere to be found. It's now 11:15 and neither the boss nor the translation has shown up. So, I ask, why, exactly, did I bother showing up for work today?



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