Friday, November 28, 2008

Soñar no cuesta nada

So I had some nice dreams last night. In the first one, we got a Weimeraner puppy that was so totally adorable. But he didn't want to be called "Snoop" and preferred "Sal" instead and well, we had to respect his wishes. Things went swimmingly well after the name change.

Then I dreamed about the Redskins-Giants game this sunday. At the end of regulation the score was 19-19 and the Giants won the toss in OT. I was pretty worried about that and sure enough, they marched down the field and got into easy field goal position. But then something went awry and the kick was either muffed or blocked and we got the ball back. On our first play Campbell threw a 5-yard crossing route to Randle-El who took it to the house for a 70-yard TD and the Skins won, 25-19.

So, I'm a good mood today and will be as long as I can revel in the fiction of my own mind.

Anyway, we're off to Girardot for the weekend. It's hot little town a couple hours away. The wifecita organized the trip with all of her ex-colleagues from the old company. So many people said yes that we had to rent 2 houses and tomorrow I'm going to barbeque for 22 people. Should be fun. And yeah, this counts as my "Thanksgiving".

Anyone else think that Thanksgiving is the most useless of holidays? I mean, I love a good excuse to gorge myself on good eats, but I really fail to see the need for a four day weekend a month before Christmas. Can't the reprogram it for June?



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