Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rain on me

I learned a lesson on London's weather tonight. Just because there are clear skies and warm sun doesn't mean the weather won't turn on you like a fickle lass.

At about 8 pm tonight, I headed out to Tesco (a large sized grocery store - 10 minutes walking). On the way, I saw hordes of people heading to this concert hall (later found out that Madonna is playing there - yes, the Queen of Pop is within 1000 yards of me right now!). After shopping, I came outside to find it raining. Oops, no umbrella! Fortunately it wasn't raining that hard and I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West. Still, lesson learned.

Today I bought some kitchen gear. Didn't cost me that much either. So, I had English sausages with sliced apple, and a cheese sandwich for dinner. Along with milk. I'm drinking lots of that because the House provides it for free.

I had dinner with a guy named Vasily (sp?), who is from Bulgaria and just finished studying law. We had a relatively deep conversation about US politics and Iraq - which is pretty much what everyone wants to talk about when they find out I'm American. Fortunately, I'm well equipped to talk about that stuff.

Tonight I'm going to rearrange my room. I finally found a structure I think works and I didn't have to Feng Sui it!


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