Thursday, August 19, 2004

These shoes are made for walking

An error wiped out my previous post, so I'll try to get the essentials.

I had hoped to watch Olympic Basketball on TV, but apparently the BBC decided against showing it (it was on the schedule). So, after waiting around until about 2, I took off southward and walked through the Chelsea area. It's quite nice. Eventually, I made my way through to the Vauxhall Bridge and decided to walk the Thames for a bit. My plan at the time was to go to the Tate Modern - and I would have to take the Tube since it is quite a bit away.

Anyway, I never made it to the Tate Modern, but I did have a nice trot along the Thames. It was really windy and I thought it would rain several times, but never did. I lucked out again! When I reached the Lambeth Bridge, I saw a castle on the south side of the river and decided to investigate. It was Lambeth Castle. Unfortunately, even though I was bent on getting to peer out across the Thames from the tower, I had no such luck. There was a nice garden there, however.

Finally, I headed toward the Westminster Bridge and crossed back to the north side there. I've been to Parliament and Big Ben before, so a few quick photos later and I was headed north along St. James Park. Eventually, I headed back home, but not before stopping and getting some Gelatto on the way. I figured I earned it since I had walked many miles. The orange-mango was delicious, but the vanilla was less than expected.

After returning home and posting some pictures on the blog, I had planned on fixing some dinner. My body had other plans, however, as I passed out on my bed for about 2 hours. I was really tired. Finally, I got up and went to Tesco and got some groceries. I craved carbs, so I made some spaghetti. I had to buy sauce, but I spruced it up with fresh tomatos, garlic, and italian spices.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I feel like a teenager again! It's just orientation, so no big deal. After I figure out my class schedule, I want to find some work. Plus, I need to open a bank account (not easy to do) and buy a mobile phone (easy to do).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the culinary ignoramuses among the readers of Mr. Heidt’s journal, this monograph on gelato is faithfully submitted.


Pronunciation: je-'lä-(")tO
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian, literally, frozen
Definition: a soft rich ice cream containing little or no air

The reason why there is little or no air is because the frozen treat is only prepared and sold in nations which have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and in which, therefore, carbon dioxide is in short supply.

A hybrid gelato was recently introduced to test markets in England. The distinguishing feature of this hybrid gelato is the use of phosphorescent dyes in the preparation. So far these "illumigelati" have proven to be big consumer successes. It is rumored that the next meeting of the Bilderberg Group will feature the hybrid as the farewell dinner dessert.

Because of the richness of the treat and because the core flavors often appear in hyphenated pairs à la "orange-mango", after ingestion, gelati often sit on the gut like a lead brick. Thus, unlike Jell-O, there may not always be room.

As with any mood-altering foodstuff, check with your physician before consuming. Finally, for those readers that may not understand metaphors, do not attempt to swallow a lead brick. After all, what in your stomach do you have to hide from Superman, last son of Krypton?

8:34 PM  
Blogger steve said...

CO2 in short supply? Gotta increase the human to plant ratio, and since I would never suggest harming a little thing I suggest they start procreating like mad...

8:01 PM  
Blogger steve said...

make that 'living' thing... D'oh!

8:02 PM  

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