Friday, September 24, 2004

Quick update

Been busy the last couple days, so I'm not going to put a marathon post together today. One amusing story and that's it.

Ok, so I met Kenya for lunch on Wednesday. We hadn't hung out in awhile and she has an hour lunch break at her job, which happens to be on my way to school. So, we select a place at random: Thai Buffet, just south of Oxford Street. We sit down, get some food, dig in. The food tasted...weird. It was rubbery. There wasn't much flavor, but that was expected at a buffet. It's just the chicken tasted really strange. It was so odd, I suggested that maybe it was Tofu, mock chicken. Guess what? We had walked into a VEGAN Thai restaurant. That's right, it WAS mock chicken. Score one for my palate.

At any rate, I went to school afterwards and Kenya and a couple others met up with me for dinner. I suggested we go to The Hobgoblin, which I had been to the last time I was in London and serves good, cheap, REAL meat Thai food. Memory served. Finding the Hobgoblin was no problem, the food was still 5 pounds/plate, and it was delicious. I also had their trademark Hobgoblin Ale, which was pretty good.

So, the lesson is, if you're a meat eater, Vegan food tastes like ass, spicy real meat Thai food is delicious, and always, always try the home brew.


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