Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sports Cafe blows

Much to my surprise (sarcasm), Sports Cafe is a crap hole. It's not a crap hole in the jungles of Vietnam sense, it's actually quite nicely designed. No, it's a crap hole in the "American student meet market" sense. Tuesday night is "student night" where it costs 1 pound a pint or a shot. So of course, being the financially deprived sort, I went out with some fellow students to do some drinking and dancing. Well, it was packed, lots of US meatheads knocking peoples beers out of their hands (I was fortunate and only had some slight spills), and generally sucked ass. Sure, the dancing was fun, and the drinks were nicely priced, but it just raises the question: Why go to the UK to hang out with Americans? I don't think I'll go back.

At any rate, I've been extremely unproductive today and I need to get cracking. I've been invited to a party celebrating Mexico's independence tonight, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go. I haven't gotten any school work done today and I feel like I need to. Of course, I also need to meet nice girls, so I guess I'm undecided.

In other news, it looks like the election is tilting toward the Prez. I have to say, i'm not surprised. But you know who I blame for this? The media. Over here, even in "conservative" newspapers like The Guardian, there are pages of coverage of what's going on in Iraq. Case in point, today's lead story states quite clearly that Iraq is descending into civil war. Check the Washington Post today, an alleged "liberal" news source. The lead story is about Marion Barry, and while there is a story about the dangers of Tall Afar, it's nowhere close to the bigger picture - which is, that the US is in a full blown quagmire with no end in sight. The questions John Kerry needs to be asking is, "Is Iraq a better place now that Saddam is gone?", "Is the US safer now that there are hundreds of thousands of new terrorist gunning for US targets?", and "When are you bringing the troops home, Mr. President?" I think the answers to each of these questions is evident.

When you add it all up, we have a regime in power that has:

- Launched a preemptive war on a regional power that posed minimal threat
- Dispered the known terrorists of the world from one country to dozens
- Sparked a new breeding ground for terror against the United States
- Created a civil war in the country we invaded
- Willingly ignored the growing nuclear threat from North Korea
- And willinging and openly engaged in torture tactics that clearly violate the Geneva Convention, a treaty that we tried to opt out of until the Brits shamed us into going along with it in 2002.

I'd say that warrents regime change at home.


Blogger steve said...

And if that's not enough the current administration's social policies look like they came from a retarded monkey... on acid... in the 17th century.

Stem cells, abortion, environment, social spending, evening the rich/poor/MC gap, gun control... you'd think out of all these major issues they'd get something right... but I guess that's what happens when you have despotic halfwits playing to the Bible Belt philosophy and all the while feeding cash into the coffers of the megawealthy.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Civil War and the failure of Iraq stems from the Liberal media's insistance on pointing out what is at the nature of human existence, "innocent" people die for the furthering of the nation state. I scoff at all the halfwits who critcize this action yet sat on their hands and mouths as the perpetual atrocites of the last 15 years went unattended and half-heartedaly addressed: Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia and for that matter, AFRICA.

While this action wasnt a necessity, it has been driven into the ground by a world and its pathetic media who fail to EVER act responsibly when addressing international problems. WW2 exemplifies it all and you (we) are evidently willing to sit back let history hit its recursive nature (more to the comment than to the original author, but it applies).

There are a myriad of Intl problems that need to be sorted out including those mentioned previously, but Iraq was one too. Just not the most pressing.

Stop tiptoeing in there. Blow that shit up. Rebuild it and leave them to their cultural fallacies. The rest of the world needs to address the growing failures and atrocities that exist or we can just keep going round and round in an unstable dynamic which will lead to more of this.

While I find this administration to be corrupt, dishonest and disgusting, their problems have little to do with this military action which was a long time coming! Who cares if Iraq is safer now that Saddam is gone, the guy was terrible and should have been ousted 12 years ago, but a liberal media and a foolish world failed to do its duty! Well, too bad it took 12 years and a set of idiots to take it on! The world isnt any safer since the USSR fell, but I dont hear any arguments requesting a rebirth of the cold war. Fix Iraq. Tell the world to step up in the War on terrorism or accept that Economic sanctions are coming. Get rid of the Oil Companies' Puppets in our highest office. Dispand the Democratic party for failing to get its shit together. Stomp out all those not interested in the advancing the human race. Lastly, please don't waste time stating that the media isn't overwhelmingly liberal because there are some conservative news agencies now as opposed to zero as it was once. If the media would stop squaking at everything and help to synthesize change, we would be better off.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and to say Iraq was better off with Saddam in control demonstrates how desperately that country needs some help.

11:22 PM  
Blogger steve said...

You think the republican party is for forwarding the human race? Not likely. And the media is hardly the problem either. Neither are individual nations. It all boils down to power. There are those with it, those without it, and the ones with want to keep and increase it. And every now and then the powers that be cause the gap to become too large and revolution (of some type) occurs. So forget borders, parties, nations, etc. It all boils down to one thing: power!

11:58 PM  
Blogger steve said...

The fact that Saddam was not a nice guy (Im not using the word evil as it is not a concept I believe in) was a nice sidenote to give us an excuse to enter and seize their oil (and try to form another ally in that region). There were and are far more potent threats in the world that we couldve addressed, and it's not like we couldnt have used the money spent over there to help the people in this country (or maybe we shouldnt have given our first surplus in many years back to the people... largely the rich) who are starving, or maybe help the 50 million Americans who dont have health care, or any # of other things. So while Saddam being gone is a good thing (short term at least), it was not done to 'advance the human race.' And while this country no longer engages in practices on the level of Saddam, our past and present action are FAR from laudable. That being said, I do agree with several of your points (eg - general advancement as a species rather than separatist philosophy).

12:06 AM  
Blogger SJH said...

If you think the media is dominated by a liberal elite, you're not thinking clearly. The US media, more than anything, is completely out of it. It's not a liberal/conservative issu (unless we're talking about FOX news), it's an ability to understand the big picture.

For example, the US media always reports EVENTS from Iraq, but does a really poor job of putting those EVENTS into CONTEXT. It's the context that matters more than the events - and the National media in the US softballed the Bush Admin prior to the war (as did the democrats) by specifically NOT asking the tough questions (like North Korea or Iran, anyone?).

Either way, there's no doubting that this administration has created a quagmire that has no solution. They misread the country of Iraq and they're misreading the entire nature of the war on terror. They think you can go after STATES, when the terrorists are all sub-state actors that have no "home base". Unless you want to bulldoze from Israel to India, you're unlikely to solve anything by attacking countries.

The Bushies also suffer from strategy deficits as well. The US military's primary method of dealing with insurgency is through air power - dropping bombs. That's doomed to fail because bombs are inherently imprecise and they blow up things like: non-combatants, houses, stores, hospitals, and antibiotics production facilities.

All of this leads to a bloody mess that ends up recruiting more terrorists than we ever eliminate in our indiscriminate campaign.

To me, that warrent regime change.

10:24 AM  

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