Saturday, October 09, 2004

Politics Redux

The GOP has switched strategies on Kerry after his debate bounce and are now casting him as a tried and true liberal. This strategy shift was largely predicted by the Democrats and they're prepared for it. The reality is, Kerry is a pretty moderate guy and his record speaks to that. The real issue I'm having, however, is that I don't understand why Kerry doesn't just riddle Bush on the flip flop issue. Here's the deal:

1st it was "Iraq has WMDs",
then, it was "Iraq sponsored Terrorism",
now, it's "Saddam had illicit intent".

That's called flip flop. That's called wishy washy. The only thing that didn't change was Bush's drive to war. The reasons to justify going to war have changed with each subsequent report that has been issued that indicts Bush's position. Apparently, "illicit intent" is enough to go into Iraq, but ACTUAL intent and carrying through on that intent, isn't enough to go into Iran or North Korea. Where is the consistency?

One thing to watch out for is the impending "October Surprise". Karl Rove has already said that he has "several surprises in store for the Democrats". I don't think he's referring to the conspiratorial idea - that the administration has already captured a high level al Queda officer but isn't announcing it until just before the election (which is EXACTLY what they did during the DNC Convention in July) - but still. It sounds kind of shady to hear Karl Rove, the dirtiest man in politics, talk about surprises.

I filled in my absentee ballot today. It may not matter in Virginia, but I'm hoping it does. The latest Virginia poll (Zogby, October 6) has Bush at 50% to 47% for Kerry. It's time to through down the gauntlet. Virginia is in striking distance. Every vote counts. Get out the vote.


Blogger steve said...

Well maybe that';s because flip-flopping is in the Bush gene's. Something about 'No new taxes,' followed by a tax hike later that term rings a bell somewhere in the back of my mind....

9:17 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

followed by get ur own friends...

10:12 PM  
Blogger steve said...

If you claim I 'didnt take your advice' when we were friends, what real hope do you think you have now?

11:31 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

The sad point is ur almost 30 years old and you have NEVER made a friend without someone elses help...its a fact, not advice. And well u really don't have any, so sad!

11:41 AM  

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