Monday, October 04, 2004

Quick Addendum

I left out two details from yesterday's post.

1. Evan's flat is totally awesome. He really lucked out. His grandmother bought the place about 30 years ago when the market wasn't totally insane over here. It's in Russell Square, which is a nice area, very close to Piccadilly and other popular spots. It's a really beautiful flat, obviously well taken care of. I asked how much it would go for and he said that she bought it for 100,000 - 125,000 pounds - somewhere in that range. Today, it would sell for a minimum of 300,000 pounds - yes, that's $600,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment. That's insane.

2. I often see people here that are so ridiculous I just want to photograph them to preserve the memory. Unfortunately, they would probably be offended and insulted, so I have to log those pictures in my brain instead. Yesterday at Tesco (the supermarket), I saw this woman, most likely Russian, probably 6'4" or so, and pale as can be (I mean, I look tan next to her). But that wasn't what made me almost drop my groceries and fall over in hysterics. No, what really got my gander was that she was wearing a floor length, white fur coat (it was like 55 yesterday), and a matching white, furry Russian style hat. I felt like I just walked by the Ice Queen. I really wish I had my camera.

At any rate, I gotta run. I have my 2nd interview at Baker Botts in just over an hour and I gots to primp. Bon chance!


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