Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Work a day

Obviously, I have no future in football prediction. Still, I will not lament the end of the Redskins season. They had a good year, played exciting football, and can easily move up next year. One more wide receiver probably would have been enough this year. At any rate, I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for an extended Bachelor's Party so I'm not going to go into anything lengthy today. Instead, I have a list of things I found enjoyable over the weekend:

- The Redskins knocking out NFL MVP and Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander in the 1st quarter. Nobody likes a glory hog who just wants to set records. Especially not one with a uni-brow.

- Peyton Manning who, after playing a wretched game, threw his entire offensive line under the bus with the "we had some protection issues." I would have enjoyed this even more if the O-line had said, "we had some throwing issues." What a sore loser. I will now officially always root against Petyon Manning.

- The Patriots losing. Now maybe all those Pats fans who are oh so convinced that Brady and Belichek can do no wrong will have a nice tall glass of shut the hell up.

- The Wizards trouncing of the 76ers yesterday at MCI Center - but only because I had awesome seats just behind the visitors bench and I'll never get enough of Chris Webber's whiney face.

- Wedding Crashers. Vince Vaughn called Owen Wilson a "nob"! Hilarious movie and propagates the term "nob" into cultural venacular.

- Sitting on my ass all day on Sunday, steadfastly refusing to brave the cold or do anything productive. It was good to be a lazy bastard for once.

That's about it. I was particularly displeased with the return of cold weather. The Redskins loss was disappointing, but still positive. And I completely ignored politics over the weekend because I'm just not able to stomach things at the moment. At some point, someone has to say "enough" and prosecute King George. Al Gore got into the mix, the Dems are stirring it up, yet the GOP obfuscation machine just carries on like this is all just the order of the day. Shame on them.


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