Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It’s a beautiful day for a mugging

No joke, it’s gorgeous outside. Just the beautiful sort of day that makes one want to pass away the afternoon lazing away in a park or aside a river. A full four star day. Few clouds, topaz blue sky, and a warm sun that’s just south of hot.

That’s why I was so shocked to see someone get mugged right in front of me. On a busy street. With hundreds of people around.


Of course, I didn’t realize what was happening until after the fact at which point it was too late to do anything. But then again, I’ve been told explicitly to never do anything because you never know who has a gun or a knife.

Still, I felt a little bad for not being a bit quicker on the uptake.

At any rate, there was a young couple walking together toward a restaurant, hand in hand, minding their own business. Two gents approached them from behind. I thought they were friends trying to catch up as they were closing fast. One of them reached out, put his hand in the young woman’s bag, and pulled out something small and black (I imagine a cell phone). They laughed!! And, as I realized a minute later when I looked back over my shoulder, they split out of there quick.

The whole thing flashed in front of me in about 4 seconds. I was right next to the thief at the time of the robbery. No further than an arms length (my arm size, not Greg Oden size arms). Maybe that’s why I couldn’t believe it was really a robbery. It looked more like friends playing a prank. But, as it turned out, it was a blatant, middle of the day, out in the open, robbery.

Mind your belongings is the lesson of the day.


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