Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Nothing like a migraine on the hump day. Someone slap me with a wet salmon.

Anyway, the "Law and Order" candidate looks like he´s jumping in the race on July 4th (as reported by CNN). Not sure what his appeal is aside from the fact that he´s not any of the other guys.
Looks like I need to update yesterday´s casualty graph.

Kobe wants to be traded. I love it when unlikely events stir up a fan base.

Someone get this guy a haircut.

And finally, as I read the other day, looks like 2008 could actually bring real changes in America´s health care system. As to what form, that remains to be seen. But essentially, big businesses are starting to rally around federal action because the absence of federal action has led to a pathwork state system that drives up costs for national employers. This is a start. I won´t get started here, but America isn´t the leader of jack-squat if it doesn´t have adequate health care for its citizens. Leadership is more than just military might and economic power.


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