Friday, June 15, 2007

Fortress America

I am finding the current immigration "debate" to be reaching a level of profound stupidity that risks brain death with increased exposure. In fact, the only thing I find to be remotely interesting about it is that CNN keeps interviewing incredibly foolish people on a split screen who braggadiouscly talk about "enforcing the border" while the other half of the screen shows illegal immigrants scaling the wall, fences, etc to enter the US, and the "interviewer" throws softball questions that totally ignore the point that the current wall isn´t exactly working.

At this point, I know at least 3 things:

1. This whole bru-ha-ha is nothing more than petty politics.

2. There ain´t gonna be no closing ("securing") the border.

3. Illegal immigration has nothing to do with terrorism.

Anyone who says different is just playing this lovely game that we call politics, as we expect.

At any rate, if they build the wall, maybe in 10 years we´ll have an aging octo-genarian saying, "[Mr. X] tear down this wall." Now wouldn´t that be ironic.


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