Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quick Update

We had a 3-day weekend, so I have been a bit out of it. Another one is coming up this weekend, so depending on what we decide to do (maybe Girardot again), I may be out of it for a continuous period of time.

Anyway, the protests have started up again. We´ve had about 12 or more blasts going off in the last 5 minutes and the riot police are out. Apparently, it´s supposed to get even worse tomorrow. The 13th of June is special date although I don´t know why. How exciting.

My boss was fired. He was, much as I had thought, a total and complete disgrace. The downside of that is that my role has been reconfigured and as it sits now, is more or less entirely administrative. This isn´t going to last. I made my case to a big boss that I should be doing case studies on our successes (newspaper style reporting) and he agreed to think about it, but I have the strong feeling that they will follow my advice, but ask someone else to take on the responsibility. Oh well, I don´t want to work in forestry or in foreign aid administration anyway.

That´s about it from my end. Today is a bit of a lazy day. Most people are outside of the office so I don´t have a ton to do. I think I´ll go home early.


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