Friday, November 02, 2007

Regional developments

Two countries with different ideological leanings are headed in the same direction - legally authorized tyranny.

Venezuela's Chavez will likely have a lifetime appointment as President as of December.

Colombia's Uribe is greasing the wheels to change the constitution again and establish himself as candidate for a third term.

Somewhere along the way, democracy is being pissed on by two entirely different people, with entirely different plans, but for the same reason. It's good to be the King.

Somewhere a whole legion of 18th Century democratic thinkers are spinning in their graves.

(I especially like the 6 hour workday idea from Chavez. The man has perfected the art of buying votes through legal means.)


Blogger nadie said...

wow, you're reading comprehension really sucks asshole! Uribe said that if LA U or the coalition parties do not come up with an acceptable candidate he might run again but won't happen because he said that he's tired, plus there are tons of people out there that can make as good of a job as he did: sergio fajardo, A.F. Arias, Vargas Lleras, Penalosa, Mockus...etc...

but god, i hope Uribe wins again just so you can get the fuck out; jeez...Colombia doesn't need you!! what are you waiting ?? ahhhhhh???

maybe someday you have the balls to walk through la candelaria and see a great graffiti-phrase that says "GET THE FUCK OUT FOREIGNERS" jeez...why is it that we can't get decent foreigners, not the ranting type

6:02 PM  

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