Friday, February 08, 2008

A Quickie

Just wanted to point out that Hillary Clinton raised upwards of $6.5 million since Tuesday. Obama is still beating her, but she's done very well and should be applauded for it. Of course, the real loser here is John McCain. In 2 days the Democratic candidates outraised what McCain raised in the MONTH of January. Sucks to be a spineless, flip-flopping, repug.

PS - I'm not sure how I feel about Iowa having a governor named "Chet" (very Hardy Boyish) but for what it's worth, he endorsed Obama yesterday in front of 10,000 strong in Omaha Nebraska. In case you're confused by this (why would Iowa's governor be endorsing Obama now and in Nebraska?), you wouldn't be alone. The article is confusing. I'm guessing that the difference between Iowa and Nebraska is pretty slim so speaking to one electorate is like speaking to your own.


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