Thursday, July 24, 2008

How about that McCain Campaign?

Bad times for John-Boy. First he criticizes Obama for not taking any international trips. So Obama turns around and blows that attack up by making a huge trip abroad where he absolutely looks presidential to the point that he was even referred to as the "President" by at least one foreign dignitary. And, of course, his trip is dominating headlines while McCain is grocery shopping in Bethlahem, PA and trying to appear like a regular guy (note to McCain: "Regular" guys don't have $1 million in credit card debt, 7 private estates, and a private jet).

Now, the McCain campaign's big attack of the weak is that the media is in love with Obama and giving him unfair treatment. They've even gone as far as to make videos for the McCain website set to some golden oldies depicting the media's love for Obama.

(You really can't make this stuff up. McCain's biggest weakness is that he is old and his campaign constantly provides subtle reminders that he is...old. Keep up the good work y'all!)

Exhibit A for the robot known as McCain is the NYT's refusal to publish his "editorial" on Iraq after they published one by Obama. Never mind that Obama's piece was a policy paper that mentioned or referred to McCain 3 times while McCain's "work" was 11 paragraphs directly attacking Obama with one neutral paragraph tacked on. No, don't worry about the details. The NYT published Obama and not McCain. Obvious bias.

Exhibit B for McCain is....waiting.....wait for it.....oh, right, there is no exhibit B. There's just ceaseless whining from McCainites.

Whether the media prefers Obama to McCain or not is not really pertinent. What is pertinent is that whining about media coverage looks weak and desperate. If McCain wants to win this thing he needs to make news, not whine about the lack of coverage. Obama is making news. He's been good at that. But McCain doesn't really have anything to say. And that's biting him in the arse.

(Of course, the fact that there is still a "race" is utterly depressing. McCain is a tired, angry, bitter man with no new ideas who wants to keep the US in Iraq for eternity and yet still somewhere between 40-44% of Americans support him. But foreign policy isn't even his biggest weakness. It's economic policy where he is essentially clueless. He even offered up an economic plan with zero statistics or estimates or numbers and no one really attacked him on it, probably out of pity more than anything. By the way, did I mention that the former CEO of HP is a top McCain advisor. All flash, no substance. Giving HP's best to the McCain campaign. I think I just threw up in my mouth.)



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