Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uber Gaffe Time for McCain

I'm really not trying to fill up this space with political stuff every day but McCain is just too irresistable.

The short version: Yesterday, giving an interview to a Spanish journalist via Caracol Radio Miami (a Colombian station), John McCain, Mr. Foreign Policy, either a)did not know that Spain was in Europe, b) did not know that the Prime Minister of Spain is named Zapatero, or c) is deaf. Several times during the interview he was prompted by the interviewer - first given the obvious clue, "let's talk about Spain...". After a lengthy comment about Latin America and Mexico a second prompt - "but I'm talking about Europe - the president of Spain" followed by a rather bizarre response about meeting with any leader who shares our values.

I'll leave the arm-chair psychoanalysis or diagnosis to the pros and make one simple point: When the foundation of your campaign is based on your foreign policy expertise, you should know that the Prime Minister of Spain is named Zapatero, that Spain is in Europe, and that you gave an interview 5 months ago stating that yes, you would meet with the guy.

Here are the links:

Americablog (with a morning update and full transcript)

Talking Points Memo (They have much more on their main page.)

The Washington Post (with a laughable defense from McCain's foreign policy advisor)

You can get to all the relevant links, stories, hooplah, whatever you like from the links above. Bottom line, McCain looks like a damn fool and a bumbling idiot. Response from his campaign: Nothing to see here, move along people (and whatever you do, for God's sake don't look at the left side of his face!!!!)

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