Saturday, August 28, 2004

Dancing King

I went to a club last night with Dominic (a german girl with a british accent - it was her birthday), Marjo (Finnish girl), Sandra (another german girl), Sebastian (a balding, older Argentean Tenor), and Kaifi (a british-chinese guy). It cost 5 pound to get in, which wasn't too bad I suppose. I didn't really want to drink (or buy drinks!), so I had my first completely sober clubbing experience. It was loads of fun. Here are some highlights:

1. No matter how hard you try, it's almost impossible to dance with 3 girls at the same time without one of them being disappointed/angry. I tried - trust me.

2. Marjo was burned by someone's cigarette, not once, but on two different occassions. Of course, she made a big production out of it.

3. The Euros are worse dancers than the Americans. Seriously bad.

4. European men have no idea how to pick up girls at the club. They think you just roll up to a girl, offer her some of your beer and you're in. Have they not had problems with that date rape drug over here? Bonus points for guys that spill their drink on the girl before offering.

5. Just like the US, some people can't hold their liquor and it shows. One dude was all over Marjo at one point - and was way to drunk to realize that she was not interested. A couple of sharp elbows later and he got the point. Bottom line: Don't mess with Finnish girls.

6. There's little appreciation for hip hop at this club. They like it, they played it, but they had no idea how to dance to it and they don't love it. The music they seemed to like most was not the hip hop/techno style, but more in the 80's style. I find that disturbing. The 80's is over. Let it die.

At any rate, I had loads of fun. I pretty much will go clubbing anywhere, anytime. I danced for 3 straight hours with hardly a rest break, I sweated my ass off (it was really hot), and I bonded with some of my house mates. Good times. The only problem was that I'm really not that interested in the girls we were with (well, maybe Dominic) and they were somewhat of an impediment to meeting other girls, but that was ok. I committed myself to having a good time and dancing like crazy. I'll meet other girls when i go out with the guys.

One last thing - when we were leaving, there was some dude out front who had clearly just had his ass kicked. He was bleeding in several places. It was gross. Down the street, there was a lot more blood on the sidewalk, probably from his nose. The stupid thing is that he was too drunk to give up. His girlfriend was trying to stop him from going back in the club, but he kept pushing forward as if he going to find the guy that beat him up and get the best of him this time. Moron. I've seen this in the US before and it's the same everywhere. Some dumbass gets too drunk, starts a fight, gets his ass kicked, and doesn't know it. I was just surprised the cops weren't there. In the US, there would have been cops on the scene. We got out of there as quickly as possible.


Blogger Dave said...

Great entry :-)

The british taste in music is a very peculiar thing, and being one of "those" that would cheer loudly at hearing YMCA (and boo loudly at hip hop, lol), I find it hilarious to see how you look at us, lol.

All together now....



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