Monday, October 11, 2004


Yesterday, I spent most of the day studying. I have exams this week, so I'm probably overdoing it a bit. I feel like I'm ready to take them right now - which is probably the first time in my life I've been ready for an exam 3 days in advance. But, I'm not going to stop studying. There's always more to learn.

I filled out my absentee ballot on Saturday. Very sketchy. I just read an article in the Washington Post that said that the GOP in Virginia sued to get Nader on the ballot and won. Guess who wasn't on the ballot? That's right. No Nader, but there was Badnerik and some other guy. The other thing about voting is that I have no idea who I just voted for in the school board category. Not only that, there are several referendums on the ballot that I'm clueless on. Changes to the Virginia constitution. I voted yes on one and no on the other.

Last night I stayed up watching the Redskins game until 430 in the morning. What a waste. They lost and really didn't play that well.

Christopher Reeve died yesterday. I wonder if Kerry will mention him in the next debate. He did mention him during the stem cell portion of the 2nd debate. It's too bad Reeve passed away. He did a lot for his cause (along with Nancy Reagan) and I hope the drive to conduct more stem cell research won't be stymied by his death. Sports fans out there must also notice that Ken Caminiti died yesterday at 41. He had a heart attack. Let this be a lesson - don't do steroids.


Blogger Eric said...

Your a bit off on Cammi, Rick James said it best, "cocaine's a helluva drug!"

10:12 PM  

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