Friday, October 22, 2004


Yesterday, I met up with Real World for lunch. Afterwards, we went shopping in Knightsbridge (an expensive idea) and then later to Oxford Street (a much more reasonable idea). I bought a couple nice peices of clothing and ended up spending about 90 pounds ($180).

Real World, spent a little more than that, but that's because she bought a pair of "hooker boots". Even though I'm not remotely attracted to her (physically or personally), I encouraged her a bit. She needs to loosen up. I tired of her after a couple hours, but here are some memorable lines Real World used to start conversations:

- "I've only been pregnant once - no, wait, twice..."
- "My boyfriend is bisexual and can't get it up for me..."
- "I got a B/B+ on my paper" (FINALLY owning up to it! I hate liars.)
- "Do you like girls to make a lot of noise during sex?"
- "I've never been with a black guy." (She's black - go figure.)
- "I've had sex with over 30 guys."
- "I feel like you know everything about me and I know nothing about you."

Since Real World is the world's worst listener (something I told her yesterday after about 3 hours of her only hearing what she wanted to hear), the last statement was the most true thing she said all day. She's the type of person that likes to think when she says stuff she's being provacative. Really, she's just putting her business out their because it brings attention.

At any rate, we met up with some classmates at the university pub for some pints around 730 or so. I had tired of Real World (to the point that I felt like smacking her) so I bailed on our table and hung out at the bar with Evan and Dave (both of whom's tolerance of Real World is vastly lower than mine - about 5 minutes).

All in all, a pretty good day. I got some things done that needed doing, had some pints at the pub, and got rowdy. Can't ask for much more on a thursday.


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