Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Errery' Day (say it out loud if you don't get it)

I know how this blog thing works. You post every day and people come back every day. So I've got to be more aggressive with my posting.

That being said, my life the last couple days have been dominated by 2 things: sleep deprivation and a growing frustration that I can't watch the greatest postseason baseball series in memory unfold on TV. Instead, I've been "watching" the Red Sox-Yanks series online and getting updates via instant message. Last night's game ended at 520 AM, my time. Thus, the sleep deprivation. Tonight is game 7, so this will be the last time I'm up all night (until Nov 2).

I have several political comments to make, but won't get to them until later. Probably much later. Suffice it to say, when you go into a room full of like minded individuals and instead you see a pack of wolves, that should tell you something about the party you support. Forthcoming will be a discussion of Kerry's "liberalism" and Bush's "conservatism".


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