Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Formal Renunciation

Read this.

Then you will understand the following:

I hereby renounce any and all affiliations I have with the Catholic Church. I will hereby not consider myself Catholic as long as the Church continues to "require" members to vote based on Catholic moral teachings. When the Church revokes its decision in this matter, I shall reconsider my position.

My spirituality remains my own. My interpretation of the bible and "religious" matters will be mine and not influenced by a sexist cult with a penchant for child molestation and a dark, secreted, and bloody past. I will do my best to follow the personal moral code which overlaps some of Catholic teaching and is heavily influenced by that teaching but is increasingly in conflict with the narrow ideals of that Church. And, I will reject any and all direct political appeals by that Church.

I'll never give the Church a dime. It will either learn the hard way (by decreasing membership and revenue), the easy way (by actually listening to its parishoners instead of dictating from above like a monarch), or not at all (stubbornly refusing to do the right thing as is its motto - see Germany, Nazi). Either way, I'm done with the Church and any church that seeks to dictate my political choices.

Good luck and God bless.



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